All our experts have experience as leaders in companies around the world. Thanks to our broad profile of experts, we are able to meet any of the needs of your company.
The objective of this presentation is to present our experience with a focus mainly on operational improvements such as:

  • Advice on strategies, processes, operations and active implementation
  • Management and direction of suppliers (deadlines, etc.).
  • Support for the implementation of new products.
  • Restructuring of companies.
  • Optimization of administrative processes (human resources, finance, shopping).
  • Support in r & d and internationalisation projects.
  • Implementation and information of philosophy read.
  • Training / Workshop: Tools Lean, 5S, DMAIC, continuous improvement (KAIZEN).
  • Optimization of the flow of material (logistics).


  • Development of concepts and measures of sanitation and restructuring of the companies / Turnaorund-Management.
  • Interim-Management.
  • Project management, ClaimManagement, Lead Engineering.
  • Advice on strategies, processes, operations and execution enables optimization of processes and costs along the value chain / reducing waste (waste) / value chain analysis.
  • Implementation of synchronized production systems (ISO 9001 / VDA 6.3, Toyota ProductionSystem).
  • Development and expansion, as well as the closure and relocation of enterprises, products and processes
  • Realization of formations of Lean Management, advice and ‘Beacon’ type project management and implementation of Lean Management as philosophy of the company.
  • Introduction of systems synchronized production and processes KVP.
  • Project Management / Task Force / development of strategies and processes of change the optimization of the flow of materials, supplier management.